An American Inca

Portrait of Life Changes

Realization of a Dream


For those who work hard during their lives, there is a sense of satisfaction and relief when they look back at how far they have come.

There is no coincidence in achieving success. It is the proof and reward of perseverance.

It is my belief and understanding that being successful does not equal being wealthy, but both could be in tandem. Success brings joy and Wealth brings establishment and hierarchy.

I always believed that every human being at birth, has the same potential of becoming something special in life. It is through a myriad of events where those dreams are fulfilled or truncated.

Let me share with you in my biography the path and events that catapulted me to where I stand today and perhaps some of these narratives and links may help you in some way.



Making a dream come true is an affirmation of a will.

I would like to thank the people that I love the most and touched my life, developed a friendship with me, mentored and assisted me to where I stand today.