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Chavin Culture

The Chavin culture originated from the ceremonial center from Chavin of Huantar, around 1,000 to 200 years before Christ, in what is now know as the Department of Ancash. The Chavin's culture, is one of the most important and ancient of the pre-Inca past. This culture was based on agriculture, and developed weaving, pottery, metalwork, and stonework.

The members of the elite were distinguished by the use of crowns, earrings, nose rings and necklaces, elements representing the category for those who used to be in charge of the Culture. The Chavin Culture was very similar to Cupisnique Culture. They used symbols and figures with feline shapes. The ritual God appeared to be cat or jaguar, which was represented in frightening images with complex beliefs, linked with men and animals, and members of their different groups.


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