An American Inca

Portrait of Life Changes

Incas' Previous and Post Civilizations


The Incas were preceded by less advanced civilization

Before Christ Cultures:

After Christ Cultures:

In general, the aforementioned civilizations were preceded by the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and Grecian Civilizations.

Peru is divided into three main regions, Costa (Coastal), Sierra (Mountain) and Selva (Jungle) and has 25 regions or departments (the equivalent to the States in the United States of America). Each region or department has a series of provinces (the equivalent to counties in each state) and within those counties there were numerous cities.

There are several languages and dialects spoken in Peru. Castellan or Spanish and Quechua are the official languages, followed by the following dialects:

some other dialects have succumbed to time in history and are no longer being spoken.