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Paracas Culture


The Paracas culture developed during the era of 400 years before and 200 after Christ. It was discovered by archaeologist Julio C. Tello, who, upon his findings of the elongated heads site, thought he had discovered one of the greatest civilizations from the south. This culture was divided in two periods, the Cave and the Necropolis. Studies of post-Taylor, showed that the development of this culture was longer and more complex than originally thought. In the second phase of Paracas (Necropolis, we find villages, one in the area of Cerro Colorado and the other at White Sands. Paracas Culture was the antecedent of the Nazca culture, which developed years later in that surrounding area. The culture was dedicated to hunting, fishing and incipient agriculture (beans, cotton and corn). They are famous for their fine mats, bundles funeral, and the cranial trepanation.


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